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We are a Christ Centered, Bible Believing Church that believes every person can have restored relationship with God through trusting Christ, through faith and repentance, to be our personal Savior. We are a missions minded church that is excited to reach and help our Island Community and to help equip others to go around the world to share the Gospel.
We are a Church Family that loves Jesus, is excited about worship and would love you to join us!
​We believe there is Nothing more important than your relationship with Jesus!

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2018 marked our 80th year Anniversary of Ministry on the Island!
The Church officially began in 1938 as a Holiness Church with a group of people hungry for the presence of God and a passion to lead others to Christ.
Our prayer this year is that people everywhere would once again be hungry and desperate for a move of the Spirit of God in our world.  We pray that hearts would be ready for revival fire to fall and stir a renewed passion to share the Gospel of Christ with others.

Memories of the past should never overshadow the Vision for the future. 
Memories of the past should remind us that we have the privilege of continuing to build upon a foundation that we did not set but was laid and paid for by Christ himself!
May our memories stir us to action not lull us into complacency.  Let us continue to build upon the one and only true foundation and press forward until Christ calls us home.   -Pastor Ivey

Ocracoke, North Carolina, United States